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Meet India’s Top Finance Influencers Who Are Solving Doubts About Investing

| Published on July 14, 2021

Personal finance has become a topic which has gotten everyone involved and focused on building their portfolio. In recent times, quite many personalities have become firm advocates of investing and have started reaching out in order to promote the same. With investing becoming more and more popular amongst millennials who wish to take their finances into their own hands, it’s only natural for finance influencers on social media to become their own brand.

Here are a few which you should definitely follow!

Ankur Warikoo

The founder of, he is also a public speaker and puts up content which nudges you to go and get that dream! He shares advice on his Instagram handle about various topics, ranging from friendship to education and even keeping secrets!


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Sayali Rai and Niyati Thaker

Their page, FinCocktail gives one vital information pertaining to all things banking and finance. If you are looking to widen your purview in the field and want to learn more about investing, FinCocktail is definitely a channel you must check.


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Anushka Rathod

An Ex-Investment Banker, she puts a lot of informative content through Instagram reels pertaining to cryptocurrency, stock markets, making money through different arenas and all things which affect the financial markets.


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Sharan Hegde

Based out of Mangalore, Sharan is a management consultant at PWC where he works with Fortune 100 companies. He is also a content creator who works on educating the audience about the importance of investing and growing their money as opposed to just working for it. Financewithsharan is a medium through which he delivers content pertaining to the field of investing and finance.

Rachana Ranade

With over 2.7 Million subscribers on youtube, Chartered Account Rachana Ranade educates everyone through her videos about the stock markets and the financial world. Her website also offers courses in the field and she shares her insights on Twitter as well.

Pranjal Kamra

Co-founder and CEO of Finology Ventures Pvt. Ltd, he puts up videos on his youtube channel and as well as is an influencer on Instagram, educating many to grow in the field. His company is based in the same and boasts to one of its kind in the market.


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And there you have it! If you are considering investing in the market then you must check these influencers out. Managing your personal finances gives one a sense of security and a hold on the money that they make. It’s always a good idea to start soon enough and make good use of the resources made available.

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