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Meet India’s Entrepreneurs Who Handle Successful Companies Before Completing 12th

| Published on August 2, 2019

“Age is just a number”, proven the statement exactly on point are these young brilliant minds that became entrepreneurs even before passing out their schools and hitting the legal age of 18 to being called adults.

Here are the top 3 brilliant ideas of young entrepreneurs in India.

1. Avantika Khanna

17 year old Khanna created a mobile based app “India Story” that runs on GPS navigation and  narrated the history and culture of every monument and historically prominent place. 

The app provides audio-guided tours. Every time a person reaches an audio site, it tells the user about the history of that place. Started alone, Avantika now has a team of 25 students. The app covers a total of 10 cities across India and is expanding. The team consists of IT, content and marketing staff — all of whom are students. India Story app is available on Android and the iOS version is yet to be released. Within a month of release, the app already has nearly 200 downloads.

She started working on the idea when she was in class 9 but had to take a break due to her board exams. She is currently pursuing humanities and wishes to got to the US to study. 

Khanna shared that it was her trip to Edinburgh that inspired her to create “India Story” where she saw that the country has well preserved its historical monuments and culture in a great way.

2. Aarushi Nema 

17 year old Nema found her inspiration in the fictional character Jarvis from Marvel movie Iron Man but her innovation is indeed better as it also understands human language and communicates back in the same. However her database is focused on school and real estate issues. 

Her bot “The smart interface” can connect as many apps as the user wants from cab integrator to food ordering and online shopping. A user can customise the number of applications they wish to add or remove from the operating system – implying the control they wish to give to the software. 

The 17 year old has been learning coding on the internet for four years and currently has a team of 5 working in her firm. 

3. Samaira

10 year old Samaira was only 6 when she started learning coding from her father who is an IIT-Delhi alumnus based in the US. She released the world’s first board game to learn coding for children called CodderBunnyz. 

Brilliant in computer languages like Java and Python Samaria has decided to guide one billion children with her board game which has also earned her a revenue of $1,00,000 over the years, most of which she is spending on developing newer products. 

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