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Meet Aveta, The Digital Magician Who Turned A Traditional Spice Brand Into One Of The Most Active Digital Brands

| Published on October 5, 2018

Eastern- India’s No.1 Spice Exporter

Spreading the aroma of their spices across the world, eastern has marked their presence over 17 countries around the world and plans to take it even further. Dating back its origin 30 years ago, Eastern Condiments, which was established by M.E.Meeran, is the largest manufacturer of Spice blends in India and has successfully attained India’s largest exporter of spice powders award from the Spices Board of India consecutively for past 17 years. Eastern’s range of products comprises of Spice Powders, Spice Blends, Ready to Cook, Ready to Eat, Pickles, Rice powders, Frozen Products, Snacks and Beverages. Such a diversity has been possible by networking with more than 2 lakh farmers from whom the quality spices have been regionally handpicked.

This distinct efforts coupled with our extended support has helped women to make their life with ease, through our products. Significantly, out of more than 5000 plus team members, Eastern is proud and privileged to sustain women’s strength at 47% which consistently continues to soar at Eastern. Having its corporate hub in Cochin, the brand’s presence has geographically been extensive not only in India but also in the global market through exports to 17 other countries including Middle East, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Australia etc

The Digital Transformation

Despite dominating the field for long, it was not easy to shift from the traditional marketing ways to the new era of digital marketing. So, with the introduction of some expert talents, eastern condiments saw a shift in the way it’s marketing efforts were targeted.

Today’s digital marketing experts must have a diverse skill set, including a sophisticated grasp of available media channels, the ability to identify up-and-coming opportunities, on top of having the basic skills of a brilliant marketer. What’s more, they have to possess a balance of critical and creative thinking skills in order to drive measurable success for their company. Digital marketing requires both creative thinking and analytical thinking, so they emphasised for candidates capable of and excited about both.

That is how 27-year-old Digital Marketer, Aveta Thampatty landed in Eastern. After earning an Engineering degree in Biochemical Engineering she was working with few of Leading Brands &Start ups. Her love for the fast-paced world of advertising later led her to Eastern Condiments, India’s largest spice manufacturing company, where she got a platform to showcase her skill sets. She was inspired by the work the company was doing and knew she had to be a part of it when taking it to the next level- digital era. Eastern is one of the countries leading FMCG brand which is very active on social media and the Eastern Bhoomika, Eastern Stay Hungry for Goodness, Eastern Vidhyadhannam Sarva Dhanam pradhanam campaigns are noticeable. She joined as an individual contributor and later, now, she built a digital team where she gets all the work done internally.

“Initially, it was difficult to find out what works and what not works among the social media audience. Then we created short recipe videos which gained a very good response from the public. Video marketing yielded huge results, so we hired people to go deep on that verticle. Our team is structured in a way that encourages each team member to contribute in their most meaningful ways, working as much as possible in a creative way. We all together create interesting stories in some way, at some time. We’ve built the team based on the marketing channels that we’ve been able to validate, To gain greater brand love, marketers need to embrace the new tools and techniques which are available to them. This should be used to supplement your brand initiatives and influence the customer’s decision skills. ”

– said Aveta.

Getting Traditional and Digital Marketing work together

Eastern Bhoomika: Every woman has the strength and innate potential to scale new heights, to achieve something in their respective field. They inspire others through their deeds as well as actions but their struggles, tolerances generally go unnoticed and unrecognized. There are a majority of women who support, lead, work 24 x 7 x 365 days. They remain silent however communicate strongly through their act of love and compassion. Many of us owe our success to these silent powers. Eastern is honoring these women in a special way.

One can nominate their special woman who inspired and motivated them through the campaign Eastern Bhoomika. Social media was identified as an ideal platform to get nominations from women who knew many deserving candidates. The promotional video of the Bhoomika went viral and gained so much of visibility.

Eastern Vidhyadhannam Sarva Dhanam pradhanam campaign

Eastern came out with a new advertising campaign on the need of Children’s Education (and a series to follow) featuring their farmers across India. Celebrating our Indian farmers, who feed an entire nation with their hard work, the campaign sheds light on the special bond with their kids and concerns about their child’s education. The branding effort was a success, in part, because it helped a new demographic access a traditional product. It capitalized on new trends, and online videos, and ended up being a massive boon for the brand.


Having won the Public Relation Council of India’s Juries Special award for Digital Marketing. Aveta is keen on taking on Eastern to newer categories, expanding its digital presence, and thereby appealing to newer audiences, and focusing on online sales. Aveta along with her team at Eastern Digital, is, therefore, focused on their energies on creating exciting and very inventive new brand stories for other Brands under Eastern Group: Eastea Chai, Sunidra Mattress, Jackfruit365 to notch up the brand’s cool quotient.

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