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Meet Aileen, The Girl Who Earns Rs 50 Lacs A Month Just By Travelling!

| Published on February 15, 2019

How many of you earn while doing something you always dreamt of? Want to travel the world? Want to earn a lot of money? How about doing it both together?

Sounds dazzling, right? The thought of this compels someone to imagine standing in front of the Louvre Museum of Paris or someone to stare at the colourful baroque buildings of Prague.

Meet Aileen, her journey is as outrageous and inspiring as you can dream of.

Who is She?

Aileen Adalid, hailing from the Philippines prefers being considered as a “citizen of the world”, earns ₹50 lacs a month. Shocked? Well, so are we!

Three years ago, she handed in her resignation at a monotonous corporate job at Deutsche Bank and started travelling.

A Digital Nomad:

Spent her initial days doing freelancing jobs, Aileen did all sorts of tech jobs under the sun. Website designing, graphic designing, SEO management, online marketing or whatever else she could do to self-finance her trips.

Claims to be a “digital nomad” because of the variety of job she does:

1. Business Owner – Owns an online business for travel gear with her boyfriend, Jonas.

2. Technical Specialist – Have been involved in online marketing & SEO management for a variety of brands.

3. Travel Writer – She has been ultra-successful when it comes to her blog. She continues to write regularly for other websites too. Being a professional writer gives her free trips throughout the world and making her professional and personal life sorted.

Serial Voyager:

With a mission of visiting every country in the world with her third world passport, she is a serial traveler. She is happy that she is being able to live her dream. Who wouldn’t be?

She has visited 25 countries so far including France, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Norway, etc. Her major reason behind excessive travel is not just the passion, but a motive to prove to the world that traveling is not reserved just for the rich.


Who doesn’t have goals in life? But the goals she has set for herself isn’t something this world gets to hear often.

  1. Inspiring people through her personal adventures and life story.
  2. Sharing her trips elaborately with people, that include hacks, guides, recommendations etc., so that her blog makes life easier for other travellers.

Joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun” is her greatest motivation for travelling.

Does this free spirit inspire you? I hope she does and ensures you to cross all barriers and do everything you had dreamt of. People like her are very rare in this world and we wish her all the best for all of her future adventures.

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