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McDonald’s Replaces Its Logo & Changes Name. See Why

| Published on September 25, 2021

For any brand, a brand logo marks a very crucial point for a company’s future success story. A logo is the first thing that the customer notices and becomes the lead identity of the brand.

McDonald’s is one brand that has done an incredible job in designing its logo. Its iconic golden arches have been a trademark of the fast-food chain for years.

The Mcdonald’s logo has changed several times since the first logo design was introduced in 1940. It was in the ’60s that McDonald’s decided to simplify their logo and work on branding the business. That is when the golden arches came in.

However, it seems that the brand has changed its logo once again and it looks nothing like anything you’ve seen before.

Those who follow the brand on social media platforms might have noticed that the brand recently changed its photo across all platforms. What caught everyone’s attention was that not only did the brand change the design of the logo but has also spelled the brand’s name differently.

For those who are wondering what or who inspired McDonald’s to make such a drastic change in its logo design, it was a TikTok star, @emilyzugay. In her TikTok video, Emily can be seen saying how certain brands like McDonald’s have reached out to her to re-design their logo.

From Doritos to Amazon and even NFL, Emily displays some of the most ‘unconventional’ logo designs and McDonald’s was the most interesting to watch.

Emily’s explanation on why she chose to change McDonald’s logo is hillarious. The reason resonated so much with the brand that they decided to take the suggestion in the best possible spirit.

The brand was quick to make a buzz on social media and adopted Emily’s suggestion. They have even credited her for her design and have mentioned her everywhere on their official handle.

Though this is just a social media stunt and no official announcement has been made by the brand, it sure looks refreshing to see the brand in a new avatar after all these years.

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