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McDonald’s Is Making Consumers Pay Same Amount Even After The GST Cut

| Published on November 17, 2017

GST implementation had a big impact on the prices of food items in restaurants. Indian government faced huge criticism due to GST. This made them make changes in the GST for many sectors. The GST Council brought both AC and Non-AC restaurants under the 5% slab, but McDonald’s India is making people pay the same amount even after the decrease in GST.

A regular McDonald’s visitor Amogh Chaphalkar noticed this and shared the bill on Twitter. He tweeted “Shame on you @mcdonaldsindia Not passing on GST benefit to customers should be a crime @FinMinIndia Please take action!”. You can see he also tagged the Official Account of the Ministry of Finance.

You can see the price earlier was Rs. 120.34 + 18% GST and after the revised GST the price of the item has been increased to Rs. 135.24 + 5% GST.

Twitter users reacted quickly over this and are opposing this step in every possible way. Take a look at some of the tweets from users.

Common man still pays the same price.

If McDonald’s can do it think about other restaurants in India

Keep your eyes open before paying.

McDonald’s India was quick to explain the rise in the price. They replied with 3 tweets.

This explanation wasn’t enough Amogh and replied back McDonald’s India with a more logical explanation.

Brands should learn from this incident and need to be very careful with their prices as there are people who are aware of customer laws and facts about such practices. Take a look at this tweet for an example.

Things like this make people avoid big companies as most big players just care about their profits nothing else.

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