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1 minutes read

McDonald’s Gets Trolled For ‘Dosa Masala Burger’

| Published on December 26, 2019

Well, McDonald’s has never failed to introduce tasty and mouth-watering food items. But now it has launched the mother of all of them. DOSA MASALA BURGER! If this is an attempt to impress South Indians, it is SO not a good idea! LOL.

This new product, as it sounds, must be a perfect blend of dosa and burger, served with wheat bun and ‘Tangy Rasam Sauce’. Wait! No coconut chutney?
dosa masala burger
Well, there is no harm in introducing or trying fusion food but when it comes to something like this and that too by McDonald’s, why would people take a backseat at trolling them?

Well, the comments are not very pleasant and accepting. But let’s see what the future holds. :p

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