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This MBA Chaiwala Has A Clever Strategy To Increase Sales On Valentine’s Day

| Published on February 8, 2019

We live in an age where Indians have finally started to avoid thinking about society and are following whatever they love doing. A MBA dropout in Ahmedabad is popular in the region for selling tea. He has planned something for singles on this Valentine’s day and it is really helping his business to get attention all across the social media.

This MBA Chaiwala Has A Clever Strategy To Increase Sales On Valentine's Day

Praful Billore, the owner of this shop has promised to serve free tea to anyone who identifies as single on that day. Before letting you know more about this scheme let’s have a look at his journey so far.

The journey

Praful’s journey has been very interesting and inspirational. He wanted to get admission into some of the top B-schools of the country but failed. He went on to do MBA but dropped out. Soon, he discovered out his love for chai and making people happy so he opened a cozy but cute little chai store in Vastrapur with just Rs 8000.


The place got popular in quick time and now it is well known in the city. Praful feels that Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. So he decided to offer free chai and encourage self-love through the initiative. To promote this and expand the reach, he has even created a Facebook event for the same, and the description reads, “Why should couples have all the fun? Singles need pampering too. Hence we’ll be serving free chai to singles on Valentine’s Day this year.”

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