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Max Protein’s Latest Campaign Will Make You Switch To Healthy Snacking

| Published on October 23, 2020

Did you ever realize that you have been working out without going to the gym? Yes, we know that sounds unreal but it’s true. All the little things that we do every day like running errands or simply doing the household chores drains as much energy as putting in a good number of hours in the gym.

RiteBite Max Protein has come up with an interesting campaign that is enlightening people that how our daily life tasks are no less than working out in gym. The campaign by the brand was recently released on YouTube and has us all thinking ‘Zindagi Gym Se Kam Nahi‘.

This hilarious take on our mundane tasks is surely going to make doing them more interesting now.

A video released as a part of this campaign shows a man taking grocery bags to his car when the brand mascot is chilling on his car bonnet. As he approaches, he simply asks what he was doing. When the man replies he is taking the groceries home, the mascot hilariously points out that he is actually working on his body.

Max Protein with this ad campaign is changing the perspective that we have of our lives. We feel that protein and energy bars are only for those who are breaking a sweat in the gym. In reality, however, we are all working out every day. From carrying heavy groceries to traveling distances to getting things done or simply climbing the stairs, we consume so much energy of our body and never give it much thought.

But with RiteBite Max Protein Bar, you can stay fit and healthy without going to the gym.

Max Protein

The brand has so many flavors to choose from like Choco Berry, Choco Almond, Green Tea Orange Bar, Choco fudge and the Choco Classic bar amongst many others.
The best bit is that you can enjoy a protein bar at any time you feel hungry or tired. You can even have it for breakfast or as a snack any time of the day. It is a healthy alternative to your munching cravings.

To maximize the reach of this campaign, Ritebite collaborated with India’s leading Digital Media house RVCJ Media. To deliver Ritebite’s message using an engaging medium, RVCJ came up with hilarious memes that do justice to the brand’s perspective. When RVCJ shared the post on their Insta handle, they made interactive posts by asking how #ZindagiGymSeKamNahi.


And then the memes followed…





The reach and the comments on the memes show that the campaign is being loved by the viewers on social media. All in all, the campaign conveyed the message using the language of youth and this will help the brand to have a better recall value. What are your thoughts on this campaign? Share your views in the comments section.

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