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Mature Bag Guy Signs Deal With A Big Brand

| Published on August 2, 2019

India has seen a surge in social media influencers in the last couple of years. Some see success and get signed by big brands. However, some become a subject for the meme community.

Something similar happened with Vaibhav Vora, a 17 years old Gujarat based influencer. Vaibhav is a YouTube influencer who makes videos for the college-goers and gives them tips on topics such as how they should dress to look good and different from others. He also gives advice on personal grooming and how to carry yourself. Vaibhav is someone who you would want to follow (now).

He got his fame after publishing a video about a brown leather bag. He urged his viewers to buy the bag if they really want to look cool. The bag is widely known as ‘Mature Bag‘ and is claimed to make you look more attractive. The bag is available on Amazon for you. People did notice the young boy on social media and soon he became the most trending meme at a point.

But the joke is on us. Because the young boy’s popularity has been spreading widely and he has now signed a deal with a clothing chain Brand Factory.

He recently published a video on social media where he can be seen marketing for the company. In one of the videos, he is seen advising people which color of the shirt will look good with which pair of trousers and how to have a new look every time. See the video below.

However, he did start his journey by becoming a meme, the end result speaks for itself. His next video should probably be about guiding the youth with tips on how to become a successful influencer.

We sure could use some tips. What do you think about Vaibhav’s journey? Do share your thoughts with us.

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