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Marketing Updates That Kept Us Hooked In August 2023

| Published on September 9, 2023

Following are some unique campaigns and events in the marketing world that made the month of August, an eventful one.

1. M&S Food launched ‘World’s First Live-Action 3D Digital OOH’

To promote its RSPCA Assured Milk, M&S Food launched the “world’s first live-action 3D digital out of home”. The campaign has proved to be a trendsetter for 3D digital billboards, as visuals were captured fully ‘in camera’ without the need for CGI.

2. L’Oreal Paris introduced its new lipstick range in style

L’oreal Paris literally painted a street red with a life-size lipstick applicator mounted on a red car. All this to introduce their new range of Infaillible Matte Resistance liquid lipstick that promises pigmented color that is long-lasting.

3. Subway Unveils Flying Restaurant

Fast food brand Subway revealed its new ‘Subway in the Sky’ concept, that offers a new dining experience in the sky on a 180-foot long blimp. This blimp will have the capacity to carry six diners underneath it.

According to Subway, the new vessel has been designed to look like one of its menu items called “The Beast”, which it launched in July 2023.

4. Louis Vuitton launched its first café in Italy

Louis Vuitton opened its first Italian café Louis Vuitton Café by Timeo, in Taormina, Italy. It is the first concept of the brand and has an adjoining resort store.

With two menus—salty and sweet, the cafe can be found inside the recently opened Maison store.

5. Air India revealed its new Logo- ‘The Vista’

Tata-backed Air India unveiled its new logo, branding and plane livery in August.

Its new logo, called ‘The Vista’ symbolizes a ‘Window of Possibilities’, and the new aircraft livery and design features a palette of deep red, aubergine, and gold highlights as well as a chakra-inspired pattern.

6. Tesla Launched Cybertruck inspired Cat Litter Box

Tesla launched the “Cybertruck Multifunctional Corrugated Cat Litter” box. It is essentially a cardboard box with a big Tesla Life logo in front, and more or less like the outline of a Tesla Cybertruck’s frontal part.

7. Eveready Reveals its new logo

Battery and lighting products manufacturer, Eveready unveiled a new logo and a tagline, with an aim to attract a new generation of consumers. The new tagline for the brand now reads ‘Give me Power. Give me Red.’.

For its new logo, the brand’s iconic ‘Cat 0-9’ depicting a cat’s nine lives sits adjacent to what the brand calls an ‘infinity loop’. The previous one has the ‘Cat O-9’ take the centre of a red and yellow ellipse.

8. Samsung promotes Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 with creative 3D billboards

Samsung has released a series of 3D billboards promoting the release of its new generation of foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold5 and the Galaxy Z Flip5.

9. Uber Eats launched billboards as a part of its ‘Get groceries effortlessly’ campaign

Traditionally viewed as restaurant delivery partner, Uber Eats launched billboards stressing that it is much more with grocery and other convenience items just a few clicks away.

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