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Marketing Trick: Restaurant Imposes Rs. 27 For Asking Every Dumb Question

| Published on January 19, 2020

What kind of questions do you ask in a restaurant? Are they stupid? Do they charge you for them? Well, this restaurant in the US does!

The restaurant in Denver charges Rs.27 each for every stupid or dumb question asked to any of the staff members/waiters.

Stupid Question – Rs.27/-

No kidding! Tom’s Diner, an eatery in Denver, charges people for querying on dumb details. If you are eating there, you must keep a check on the quality of the questions you are asking!

A person whose user name is humblemangoes shared a picture of his bill where he was charged the same, on Reddit.

byu/humblemangoes inme_irl

The hilarious thing is that they even mentioned it on their food menu.
tom's diner
Their menu has other funny elements as the owner wants to keep things light in the world!
It’s such a great strategy to not only keep humor alive but to save a lot of time from the type of questions people ask in the world! Once someone knows they will have to pay a price, they would want to ensure (two times) before they call the waiter and ask random stuff. :p

It’s an awesome way to deal with stupid people. Moreover, it’s a win-win for the answerer. He either is saved by answering dumb queries or gets Rs.27/- for it! HAHA!

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