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Marketing Tips To Learn From Our Captain Virat Kohli

| Published on September 28, 2017

Virat Kohli has emerged as an icon for India, no matter what profession we belong to, this guy has qualities that we can look up to for motivation in reaching heights. While marketing and cricket are poles apart we can still learn a lot from our captain aggressive to implement in our marketing strategies.

1. Time managment

We all know Kohli has a lot of other stuff to manage along with his cricket but he does that perfectly, he enjoys his life to fullest and adopts latest fashion trends too, whether having a new haircut or maintaining a good physique he gives proper time to all.

2. Leading from front


Ever since he has become the captain of Indian team he has never looked at anyone else to take the responsibility of scoring runs, Virat always believes in leading from the front which every marketer should learn.

3. Passionate about work


Whatever you do, you should do that with passion. One can see the determination and madness Virat has for playing cricket, if any marketer needs to be successful the passion should be there to learn new things every time and stay focused on the work no matter what is happening around you.

4. Adjust according to the conditions

No day is the same in cricket, sometimes Virat has to attack and on the other day he has to start slowly and give some security to the side, marketing is no different every day is different in it and different audience demands different things from the marketers so adjusting according to the conditions is a must have quality to be good at marketing.

5. Be proactive than reactive

While captaining a cricket side there are situations on ground when Virat has to think one step ahead of the situation as it is a very competitive game, which can be related to marketing also, a good marketer should always try to be proactive rather than reacting to the situations, this helps in taking correct decisions irrespective of what others are doing.

6. Hard work


There are a lot of players which are equally talented like Virat but what makes him different is the amount of hard work he does, from gyming regularly to changing the life habits, he is always trying to learn something. In order to be on the top hard work is equally important in the marketing profession.

Have you noticed any other qualities of king Kohli that can be related to success in marketing? Do comment for sharing them with us.

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