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Marketing Tips From Kartik Aaryan’s Viral Video On Coronavirus Prevention

| Published on March 22, 2020

To address the mass during this COVID-19 epidemic, Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan released a video of roughly 2:25 minutes that encompassed the perfect guidelines of how captivating a content piece should be. If you haven’t watched it yet, play the video below.


With social distancing and self-isolation methods being implemented in India and all over the world, celebrities, influencers and people in your social circle might just be creating interesting content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even Tik Tok. Because, why not? You’ve got to keep yourself entertained during this quarantine period. It is not just crucial for you but the whole country until the effect of the coronavirus becomes a little better.

What Makes Kartik Aaryan’s  Video A Great Piece of Content?

Content Creators, take notes! The video begins by Aaryan asking “Problem? Problem yeh hai ki hum sab genius hai, or kya problem hai?” By indulging in a sarcastic tone and directly reaching to the problem, he already has your attention. In his own style, as portrayed by him in the movies Pyaar Ka Punchnama, he goes on to describe how problematic the state of affairs in the country is since people are taking this epidemic very lightly. Remember his six-minute monologue in the movie? Reiterating the same style, he keeps his audience glued to the screen.

He further brings in all the things that happen in one’s daily life by highlighting elements of the surrounding, people related to the common Indian man and situation that the commoners go through every day, urging people to keep all of that aside and focus on themselves by implementing social distancing as that is the only option right now. The economy won’t grow if there is no one to make it grow.

It is interesting to see that within a span of 2 minutes and 25 seconds, he doesn’t just tell his audience off about the implications of their wrongdoings. He also states the fact that vaccines are being tried and tested as scientists are experimenting to derive cures for the coronavirus. By generating hope, he assures them that a solution can be brought out only if he be patient. It is just a matter of two weeks. If everyone can cooperate, we should see better results soon enough.

And lastly, his chanting of the #CoronaStopKaroNa makes his audience remember his monologue yet again. The chant became of the rhyme which brought the attention of fellow Bollywood celebrities and content creators. Now, Kartik Aaryan’s video 10,458,239 views on Instagram!

No unnecessary fabrication. Just go straight to the point and address the topic for what it is being said or written. Content creators and marketers, maybe try something like this the next time and see how your visibility increases!

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