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Marketing Strategy Of Haseen Dillruba Which Has Everyone Glued To Screens

| Published on July 10, 2021

A perfect weekend watch, ‘Haseen Dillruba’ on Netflix, which is directed by Vinil Matthew is definitely an intriguing tale of love that undergoes the test of time and keeps the viewer engaged in the #Kaunspiracy, a term which has become rather famous amongst netizens today.

The multiple twists and turns that are thrown at the viewer keep one hooked to the screen to learn more. It’s safe to say that the movie is garnering acclaim and the promotional activities undertaken as well have been quite engaging.

The Announcement

Netflix announced the movie with a messaging which invoked curiosity amongst the audience and started the #TheUltimateKaunspiracy revolving around the movie.

Teaser & Trailer Launch

The teaser was launched with much anticipation and fans were kept waiting with much-abated breath for the same. The teaser was definitely one that did justice to the wait and left everyone wanting more. The official trailer launch followed soon after which received positive sentiments from the audience. With Netflix India releasing the trailer on their official handles, users along with public figures engaged with the brand alike.

Meeting the Cast

Netflix also launched a series that gave users a sneak peek into the movie characters, played by the versatile Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane in lead roles.

The Ultimate Kaunspiracy

Netflix launched a video series as a part of the #TheUltimateKaunspiracy which had famous personalities being questioned about who was the killer. In collaboration with popular TV casts and personalities, the audience found themselves engaging with the promotions easily.

Swiggy Discount Codes

Netflix also tied up with Swiggy in order to engage with its audience after the launch of the movie. The offer was such that Swiggy would release a hint of clues which were food names being spoken about or depicted in the scenes of the movie. On the time stamp mentioned, the first 200 users who were able to guess it right received a discount of 90% off up to Rs 200 on their orders. The marketing campaign was carried out via social media and became quite a hit with some codes getting exhausted in even under a minute!

Social Media Promotions

Haseen Dillruba was launched on Netflix earlier this month, on the 2nd of July. The OTT platform’s social media handles have been seeing a lot of post-launch movie promotions across vivid formats which are aimed at engaging their audience.

The fun play on words and engaging digital media content along with collaborative marketing campaigns which deliver value to users has ensured that Haseen Dillruba reaches out to a large viewership. The movie marketing promotions have been becoming much more unique with the movies being launched on OTT platforms owing to the pandemic and Haseen Dillruba definitely ups the game for all the movies set to be launched in the coming dates.

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