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Fevicol’s Marketing Strategy That Made It One Of the Most Trusted Brands In India

| Published on March 5, 2018

Marketing and advertising are all about creating and fulfilling demands of customers in a profitable way. Fevicol is one iconic Indian brand which has been doing this for years. It is owned by Pidilite Industries, a company which has been manufacturing adhesives since 1959. The story of Fevicol’s success is a very unique and interesting topic for marketing professionals.

Fevicol is among those popular Indian brands which are recognised by most of the people in the country. The logo of Fevicol represents the message wants to convey to the customers. It shows 2 elephants stuck together with the bond of Fevicol and the rising sun behind these elephants shows the freshness and popularity of this brand in adhesive products market.


Fevicol has never increased the price of their products abruptly and this helped the buyers to have good faith on the brand. Advertising campaigns of Fevicol have also played an important role in helping Fevicol to become the number 1 brand in Asia in its category. Fevicol not only makes ads to increase the information of its products but also shows everything in a very entertaining way. The advertisers of Pidilite know how to connect with Indian audience and leave an impact on their minds.

Some of the Fevicol’s TV commercials are all-time favourites of Indians including Fevicol Egg ad and Fevicol Bus ad which delivers the message in a very funny way.

Another strategy that has helped Fevicol is the variety of products that the company provides. Pidilite has not only kept their target audience to carpenters, Fevicol has become a household item and available in small shops also.


The mindset of Indian audience has changed a lot in past few years and Fevicol has perfectly maintained the connection with its customers by being updated about the market changes. Understanding the needs of consumers is the best thing a brand can do and Fevicol has been doing this from decades. There are many things that marketers and advertisers can learn by studying the case of Fevicol.

We hope this article has helped to in knowing the reasons behind the success of Fevicol. If you want us to cover more such marketing cases do let us know in comments.

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