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Marketing Strategies Using Which MINISO Is Creating Buzz

| Published on November 28, 2022

Many brands have gained success by providing fun and meaningful in-store experiences. Take the case of Starbucks, whose every outlet in the world will give you the same feel.

Also, many brands have capitalized on psychological marketing, encouraging buying by leveraging human thought processes, like Apple, and Amazon.

But MINISO is a combination of both, and many other marketing strategies, that are responsible for making it popular and a prominent name in retailing.

Here’s a look at a few strategies that have helped make MINISO a popular retail giant.

1. Wide Range of Products

The sheer plethora of products available at MINISO is enough to get the impulsive shopper out in you. Daily Life products, fashion accessories, household items, seasonal products, toys, digital and electronics, textile, health and beauty products-you name it, they have it.

They keep introducing newer products at regular intervals and affordable prices. Their products are creatively designed and presented as fast fashion items.

For MINISO, customer choice is the base of their product strategy. Their marketing activities are centered around campaigns that attract the middle-class and upper-class crowd, focussing on the age group of 15-35 years.

2. Instore experience

With over 5000+ stores across the globe, the retailer has always kept its USP as everyday use products, which along with being of utilitarian value, are appealing and attractive.

These products are designed and showcased with a lot of effort, in order to intrigue the target audience. They are made using high-quality materials at cost-effective and affordable prices.

They are also placed in a methodical manner, which makes it easier to spot every item. Their décor and interiors in an American color palette scream ‘pretty’, making every customer leave a store with an item or two at least.

3. Collaborations

MINISO was founded by Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu in 2013, and the company was inspired by Japanese design-led lifestyle products

The Chinese brand has formed collaborations with brands like Marvel Studio, Coca-Cola, Minions, Tom & Jerry, Sesame Street, and Hello Kitty. This has helped them amass a fan following and customer base, with every collab being the in-thing.

In fact, their collaboration with Givaudan Fragrance Company led them to sell 3 lakh bottles in a month alone.

4. Leveraging the power of social media

The brand has a constant and powerful presence on social media too.

With campaigns like #ShowMinisoColour that became popular during Holi, or even their #LoveWithoutDistance campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand has always been up-to-date with its posts and engaging content on social media.

Along with this, MINISO engages with its audience on social media using influencer marketing. Here it undertakes activities like giveaways, store visits, and product trials.


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This has helped it retain its followers and invite new ones as well.

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