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Marketing Strategies Using Which Berger Has Been ‘Painting Your Imagination’ Since 1923

| Published on January 2, 2019

Founded in 1923 with Headquarters in Kolkata, Berger paints ranks 2nd in India only below Asian Paints. With annual revenue of US$ 630 million, Berger Paints is a leading name in the paint and coating Industry.


Louis Steigenberger in 1770 shifted from Frankfurt to London to sell blue paint made from his own formula. By 1870 it was an established small business selling paints of 19 variants.
In the 1900s it was taken over by an American Company and was shifted to Calcutta. During Independence, it was bought by British Paints. In 1969 Berger Jenson Nicholson Limited, UK bought over British Paints (India) Ltd. This marked Berger Paint’s start of a legacy in India.
Berger Paints

Product line and Marketing of Berger Paints

Berger Paints is a brand known for its superior quality produce. It produces paints and many other materials for both commercial and home use. The products can be broadly classified into:
• Interior Wall Coatings
• Exterior Wall Coatings
• Berger Metal and Wood Paints
• Undercoats
• Construction Chemicals
• Wallpapers

The services also include delivery of the paints for the person ordering all the products for his use plus a virtual painter and even a preview facility. With located in 4 major regions, Berger Paints produces these high-quality products and sells it at a rate cheaper than its competitors.

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With the tagline “Paint your imagination”, Berger Paints easily sweeps the eye of its customers. It is catchy and once you hear it, you probably will trust the brand. And in India, film stars sell, because people worship them. And Berger Paints got on this idea at the very start and till date has been appointing famous stars and celebrities to market its products in Advertisements. Actors like Katrina Kaif and Pankaj Tripathi.

And not just that targeting on the sale of eco-friendly paint and marketing it with religious activities like Durga Puja in West Bengal, Berger Paints always stays a step ahead with its innovative marketing strategies. No doubt that with such good ideas and catchy phrases, and the never-ending products, Berger Paints is the #2 paint brand in India.

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