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Marketing Strategies Used By Duolingo

| Published on January 15, 2023

Duolingo: How they succeeded in making the best education app

Who is Duolingo? How does Duolingo work?

Technology business Duolingo was established in 2009 by engineers Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker. At Carnegie Mellon University where Severin was Severin’s Ph.D. student and Luis was a professor of computer science, the two people first met. The shared goal of creating an artificial learning system that could produce superior learning results and was informed by vast volumes of user activity data brought Luis and Severin together.

With the use of cutting-edge technology and a goal-driven strategy, Duolingo is working to become the most advanced educational platform in the world. Duolingo uses advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence to help learners grasp new content and accomplish their learning objectives. 

Due to the significant positive effects learning a foreign language could have on people’s lives, Duolingo first concentrated on teaching languages. An engaging, on-demand, bite-sized learning tool for the mobile age is called Duolingo.

How is Duolingo financially successful? What is the Duolingo business model?

Duolingo is financially successful because of it’s Two model-

Value Proportion

1. low resistance
2. Playful game mechanics
3. Interesting storytelling
4. Artificial intelligence and data analytics used to enhance learning
5. Measurable educational achievements


1. The Duolingo Language Learning App
2. Duolingo Plus
3. Duolingo English Test: AI-Driven Language Assessment
4. Duolingo For Schools
5. Duolingo ABC

Duolingo’s Marketing Plan

Since over ten years ago, the learner community at Duolingo has expanded naturally as a result of viral word-of-mouth. Duolingo has made marketing investments recently to support its unique business model and marketing approach. The following are crucial components of Duolingo’s sales and marketing plan:

Brand Approaches- Using online and offline efforts that encourage press coverage, social media sharing, and more viral word-of-mouth, brand marketing raises awareness of Duolingo. Duolingo may achieve long-term growth with this technique, which draws in new users and maintains the interest of current users.

Owned Media Marketing- The individualized emails and push alerts that Duolingo delivers to its users to include progress updates, lesson reminders, and occasionally a straightforward bit of encouragement to keep them interested.

Paid Acquisition- Duolingo uses planned and focused paid marketing investment to supplement and hasten the growth of its organic user base. To jumpstart its organic development, Duolingo’s paid acquisition approach focuses on high-quality user demographics that are more inclined to enroll and explore new markets.

Learning, growth, and monetization are the three Duolingo teams’ three objectives.

The appropriate user behavior for Duolingo involves:

Learning- Learning is more successful for people.
Growth- more individuals are learning
Monetization- More money is made to achieve its goals.

Due to this, Duolingo decided to establish three teams: a learning team, a growth team, and a monetization team to concentrate on these three objectives.

Each team is in charge of planning product tests to enhance the metrics related to its unique aim.

How is Duolingo making money: Revenue Model

In 2021, Duolingo generated $250 million, a 55% increase over 2020. The use of Duolingo is cost-free. Utilizing its freemium business model, which generates income through in-app purchases (IAPs), advertising, and premium membership service, Duolingo makes money.

Subscription- Duolingo Plus is the name of Duolingo’s subscription service. It provides elements to learners that improve their learning experience, like an ad-free experience, extra learning content, and gamification. About 6% of Duolingo Plus customers as of 2021 were active users every month. In 2021, Duolingo derived 72% of its income from premium memberships.

Advertising and Other Money- Duolingo offers free access to its product for those who are unable or unable to pay a membership fee and makes money through the sales of banner and video ads offered through advertising impressions. 18% of Duolingo’s revenue came from advertising and other sources in 2021.

Final Thoughts On Duolingo

The brand’s general approach and particular campaigns have been outstanding. The marketing approach is constant, the software is enjoyable and simple to use, and the staff is always looking for new opportunities to develop and advance.

There are many worthwhile lessons to be learned from their narrative. One of the most crucial aspects of your plan may be to include a social channel. Consider how your brand may engage with your target demographic on the app while remaining loyal to itself.

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