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Marketing Strategies To Learn From Game Of Thrones Last Season Success

| Published on May 15, 2019

Game of Thrones is breaking all the records with its last season and a large portion of the credit goes to the hype it created months before the launch. GOT”s success has made us curious about the marketing strategies that helped the show in going viral. So, we have tried sharing some points that marketers can use to duplicate the success of GOT. Have a look:

Use nostalgia to create maximum impact

Well, this is nothing new but giving the feeling of nostalgia to the viewers is still doing wonders, especially when it comes to the Entertainment industry. GOT’s last season, Avengers: End Game are some great examples that prove nostalgia can never go out of the trend in advertising.

Cross promotion

Talking about your brand, your product every time can make your target audience feel boring. So, what popular brands do is, they cross promote. For example, GOT got free advertising from famous brands including Mountain Dew, Oreo, Durex, KFC among many more. One can deliberately use this strategy to create hype in the audience.

Try to give a long-lasting impact

In the race of defeating competitors, often brands forget that no one can take away your customer if you have given him/her a long lasting feeling. GOT created such characters that they will stay forever in the minds of audience and this is the reason why people are mad watching them in the last season.

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Use storytelling

Game of thrones

Another basic yet powerful tool that can do wonders for your brand. Never rush to bombard the information of your product and services n the customers. Use stories to convey how the product will change the lives of customers by solving a problem that they are facing.

Visual appeal

GOT gave us a visually delightful experience with quality content. Also, the amazing use of music, art and digital media resulted in much higher stickiness.

Do you have more such points that you can add to this article? Do let us know in the comments section.

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