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Marketing Strategies That Helped Yamaha To Succeed In India

| Published on August 24, 2019

Advertising has proved to be the best medium for any brand or product to connect itself to the millions of people. Yamaha has used this policy in India with all its innovative skills and it always came up with “ Right product at Right time” which has been so alluring to the millennial.


All about Yamaha in India

Yamaha has proved to be an iconic Japanese brand that made its initial foray in India in 1985. The brand is famous for producing motorcycles, boat, outboard motors & other motorized products. Yamaha has proved to be a “creative & trusted” brand for customers by its most excellent advertisements, branding, and global distribution and bang on promotional strategies from the 90’s itself. It has proved to the “First choice of young boys” where they could prove themselves to be cool and stylish.

The Successful tagline of Yamaha

Yes Yamaha, ‘Touching your heart’-  This has been one of the most famous taglines as it resonates very well with the brand image. The tagline promises the best for people and targeting supreme safety for every human by making it’s bike exciting & sporty. This bang on tagline even gave a tough competition to brands like Hero Honda & Bajaj.

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Yamaha Motor’s brand slogan “Revs your Heart”.

Yamaha came up with this new slogan in March 2013 basically to share the ideals of Yamaha motor group worldwide both internally & externally. It also gave a strong brand statement “Empowered by a passion for innovation, we create exceptional value & experiences that enrich the lives of our customers”. Through this tagline, Yamaha even promises to move forward to make its best in craftsmanship & marketing sector that will fulfill the expectations of the customer across the globe.

Yamaha with its marketing strategies & creative exceptional for customers soon came up with a new pan- India campaign referred to as “Call of the Blue 2.0”.

Yamaha Motors

Yamaha’s marketing expresses itself as an exciting, sporty & stylish experience. This has helped the company generate high sales. Yamaha focuses on on-ground activities, digital & 00H by covering major cities such as Delhi Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.


In conclusion, the success of Yamaha is inseparable with the scientific business strategy. The strategic concept of Yamaha is to take the demand-side strategy. Yamaha subdivides the whole market into several objective markets, where it decides to be more concerned about its marketing through content &a keeping the brand intact.

The competitive strategy of Yamaha is to improve the innovative ability to win a competitive advantage. Yamaha’s strong technological innovation ability still today makes it in the most forward position of the motorbikes industry all the time. Yamaha launches various TVCs on festive season proving itself aware about product planning, customer engagement.

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