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Marketing Strategies Of Shakuntala Devi: A Peripheral Route to Making You Love Maths

| Published on August 5, 2020

In Corona Times, movie promotions and branding can pose to be a huge issue since you cannot approach your audience through physical mediums. A lot many movie productions and shoots have gone on hold, a lot many have shifted their release dates whilst some have found a niche and launched their movies on OTT platforms.

OTT platforms have become a new norm in consuming content and have become the primary source of entertainment for the common man. Since the imposition of the lockdown, OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and the like saw a huge surge in subscription purchases. Viewers’ screen time increased as a result of being stuck in the house and having nothing to do. Today, these platforms are shifting their content strategy and are taking efforts to launch shows which can be viewed by all age demographics.

As a result, OTT platforms have become an avenue for movie launches since they do not just create a lot of hype but also promise higher customer engagement levels and a wider base. A movie, thus launched keeping all these factors in mind was Shakuntala Devi, starring Vidya Balan and Sanya Malhotra.

Let’s digress further to understand how this movie branded itself through Vidya Balan, Amazon Prime and Brand Collaborations.

Amazon Prime Video Promotions

Throughout the promotions, Amazon Prime Video, along with SPN Productions has created a series of beautiful viewer engagement opportunities to get Vidya and the audience amongst diverse target groups together, be it entrepreneurs, school children or the common man.

When they did the date announcement, the messaging was done in one of the most unique ways of keeping it true to the nature of the film, with mathematics being the core of the reveal and the highlight.

Apart from any important announcements, the posts by Amazon Prime Video India have been very fun and engaging with the crowd.




Vidya Balan and her brand

The revered actress has always shown poise in all her posts and very charmingly speaks and embodies the real Shakuntala Devi. In her promotions, she has been very open and has constantly been trying to voice Shakuntala Devi’s voice in showcasing her love for maths.

During the song launch, she actively participated in answering tough math questions and her social media posts highlight all noteworthy aspects as well as some tidbits of the film.




The BTS (Behind the scenes) video launched by Amazon Prime Video for this movie also captured Vidya in her form, acting out and showcasing her thought processes during the movie. This tactic always garners a lot of attention with everyone wanting to know how it goes behind the camera and the big screen.

Her brand has always been one of genuineness and authenticity. After so many years of being in the industry and her last hit of Mission Mangal, her content library, if you will, compliment her style. She manages to always be an image of elegance and grace through her work and her communication.

The Brand Collaborations


Targetting a brand which has a great brand recall, the collaboration focused on bringing out the (Parle-G)enius in kids. With a brilliant campaign on devising questions and challenges on math, the brand observed high levels of engagement along with a fresh change to the constant Corona Virus advertising that is observed with all other brands in the same sector.


Tata Tea>

With a simple #DilkiSuno, the collab simply takes a peripheral route in nudging viewers to enjoy the movie with a hot cup of tea

Kindle App


Start Sports



In this segment, the actress goes #VocalforLocal and to support Indian Artisans in the garment sector.




The movie industry may see some pivotal changes in their promotional strategies owing to an age where not many will prefer visiting a theatre. Promotional tactics will continue evolving and thought stimulating content will have to be generated because gone are the days when one would be a part of a crowd, waiting to catch a glimpse of their favourite actor or actress promoting their movie.

The entire theme of the Shakuntala Devi marketing revolves around establishing a connection between the beauty of math and people, something that the renowned mathematician tried establishing and in doing so, left her mark in the world. It takes on a peripheral route where it nudges you to solve the sums and develop an interest in the subject, even if you may despise it.

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