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Marketing Strategies Of Domino’s By Which It Is Ruling Indian Market

| Published on March 21, 2020

Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world. The brand is quickly expanding its presence in different countries by keeping the variations of interests of different people while planning. Domino’s has been dominating Indian Pizza market in the past few years and this made us curious to know what made the brand successful with Pizzas in the country where even Starbucks sells a tandoori paneer roll.

Quick service

Quick service is a very important factor in the food business. With the changing lifestyles of India, people tend to prefer restaurants that serve fast and maintain a proper delivery procedure. To achieve this, Domino’s is continuously adding new outlets because with more stores, the company can serve higher number of customers which ultimately converts into increase in sales and hence in profits.

The popular 30 minute maximum delivery time strategy has worked wonders in India’s traffic as 99% of Domino’s deliveries are made within the given time.

Localising taste

Over the years Domino’s has learned the fact that targeting regional audience is only possible by adding some local taste in the flavours. Domino’s conquers the Indian market by offering options like Peppy Paneer, Kebab Pizzas, Cheese Burst Pizza. In addition to such unconventional pizzas, it also offers garlic bread, choco lava cake, pasta and wraps. To keep the success rate high, Domino’s has been continuously expanding its menu with a perfect mix of Indian and western tastes.

Exciting offers & Affordability

Knowing India’s value for money psychology, Domino’s offers exciting offers and combos at affordable prices for every type of customer. Along with Affordability, great taste and world-class customer service are the important pillars Domin’s success.

Using Social Media


Domino’s knows the fact that social media is the best platform right now to connect with potential audiences. The brand is very active on all the popular social media platforms and is seen engaging with customers over their feedback.

Making the most with store location

At most of the stores, Domino’s offers a large dine-in space. The locations of stores throughout the country are situated by keeping factors like traffic flow, market, footfall, easy of delivery service and parking space in mind.

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