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Marketing Strategies Of Boro Plus Which Made It Successful Globally

| Published on May 20, 2020

Boro Plus, a product of Emami Limited, is loved by all Indians because of its antiseptic and ayurvedic properties. In fact, it is widely used by people in Russia, Ukraine and Nepal as well. The product was introduced in the 1980s with new products being launched every year including creams, lotions, talcum powders etc. Over the years it has had quite a few Bollywood celebrities become its brand ambassadors, including Amitabh Bacchan!

Just a few years ago, they jumped the bandwagon by taking aboard actress Kangana Ranaut as their new brand ambassador. She featured as the face of the brand during their launch for the Boro Plus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion

When Did Emami Group Launch Boro Plus?

It started out around the 1980s when two founders, RS Agarwal and RS Goenka were looking to expand their business. They were childhood friends who left their management firm Birla Group and instead set up Kemco Chemicals. It was established in Kolkata in the year 1974 and was entirely driven towards launching ayurvedic products that were medicinal and could be used as cosmetics. This gave rise to a one of a kind Indian brand that could capture its audience through the Indian aesthetic and rituals.

Boro Plus

How Has Boro Plus’ Marketing Associations Helped Them To Become Big?

The director of Emami Ltd, Priti A Sureka, mentioned how the brand’s association with two loved Bollywood celebrities and their marketing associations have helped the company pave the way towards a niche market. India has a natural presence of natural products and Boro Plus rose to the occasion as one of the most trusted ayurvedic brands to ever manufacture. The powerful combination of Big B and Ranaut on the other side has definitely given the brand a boost. Currently, it will focus on new age media techniques to make a strong consumer base and drive saliency.

Sureka mentioned how the brand has bigger plans to space out in new categories with their already existing products. All in all, the Emami group has four defined names under it: Boro Plus, Zandu Balm, Fair & Lovely Cream and Navratna Hair Oil. With products available in different sizes and affordable price ranges, the company aims at defining its audience not just for the common consumers, but also those in rural areas.

We’re excited to see how the company will further venture into the skincare space in India and abroad and hopefully launch new products that are unique in their own way.

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