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Marketing Strategies Of ALTBalaji’s ‘Broken But Beautiful Season 3’

| Published on July 3, 2021

Broken But Beautiful 3, launched on ALTBalaji revolves around the themes of love, obsession, and desires. It shows the journey of Agastya and Rumi who fall steadfast in love and realise how tough it is falling out of it. ALTBalaji did a supreme job at promoting the new season and promoted it through multiple engaging avenues off of the lead actors’ fanbase.

Anouncing the Season

ALTBalaji kept its fans wanting more by giving them updates and curating content that did not leave them forgetting about the previous seasons. One such moment was when they had the old cast meet the new cast and had Sameera announcing it to the audience at large.

#BrokenButBeatiful3 kept trending on Twitter throughout with the brand repeatedly posting content and its fans following suit. With the announcement made, a teaser was launched too via Youtube which engaged its audience on a different platform.

ALTBalaji kept the season launch abuzz with multiple tweets prior to addressing its fanbase via engaging content such as reposting the love that Broken But Beautiful received.

Trailer Release

The trailer was first released with a teaser video which was shared by multiple influencers and amplified thus.

The trailer was launched thereafter which received a lot of positive sentiments from the audience. The trailer was amplified across social platforms and was heavily promoted via influencers alike.

Engaging Song Launches

ALTBalaji conducted the song launches with rather much engagement from the fanbase with contests and challenges being launched after each release. These songs were created by noteworthy singers such as Amaan and Armaan Malik, Palak Muchhal, Akhil Sachdeva, Vishal Mishra who also promoted these songs on their social handles.

Influencers with large followings promoted these songs on their social handles which had everyone following suit. These songs were also launched on music streaming platforms such as The acclaimed garnered was rather huge and had the show trending in no time on multiple platforms. The playback singers also went ahead and conducted a virtual concert, which have gotten very popular amongst the masses, particularly in the current post-covid era.

Brand Collaborations

ALTBalaji, with the aim of further amplifying the show collaborated with multiple popular brands across social platforms which reached out to a larger audience.

Social Contests

ALTBalaji conducted a series of contests in lieu of the song releases. One of the most famous ones included the Meet and Greet segment wherein fans would be able to virtually meet the cast of Broken But Beautiful. It’s safe to say that they left no stone unturned when it came to engaging their audience with these contests.

Influencer Promotions

The platform also had many influencers sharing their take on the season and promoting the show on their pages.

Post Launch Promotions

The show reached over 220 million individuals and it goes to show how ALTBalaji’s marketing strategy helped them reach that number. The show made it to multiple listings which ranked the show in their top shows to watch watchlist. The show got a 9.3 rating on IMDb and was binged across masses. ALTBalaji continues to attract its target audience via its multiple social media platforms.

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