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Marketing Strategies Behind Medicines Packaging Having Empty Space

| Published on November 21, 2019

Marketing is not only about knowing demand and selling products by making profits; it has multiple processes such as research, testing, packaging among more. While buying medicines you must have seen that their packaging always has some empty space in between the tablets. These blank spaces are called “Stiffeners”. Have you ever wondered why companies do so? Well, today we will explain both the marketing and Scientific reasons behind this. Have a look:

Scientific reasons

This is done to prevent tablets from getting mixed up avoiding chances of a chemical reaction.

The space is provided to strengthen PVC. Tables are usually packed in PVC sheets and PVC has chemical properties to strengthen compression (fitting) of medicines and keep the packaging straight. The empty spaces give them a cushioning effect. Otherwise, damage costs will be huge.


Marketing reasons

1. Packaging standardization – Strips of medicine are packed into small card box and then again packed into bigger boxes and then distributed. With extra space, it allows companies to standardize a box size. This solves multiple problems and saves money because standard boxes are made in bulk and are sold at fewer prices. The pattern for efficient packaging as shown below:

A single strip may look like this

A packed together may look like this

2. Helps in making additional space for writing stuff like expiry dates, chemical composition, method of intake, side effects, etc.

3. Another Marketing reason is Human psychology. Most people believe that high cost means larger size, but in reality, it isn’t applicable everywhere. Also, these spaces help in increasing shelflife of medicines.

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