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Marketing Secrets Companies Use To Make Customers Buy More Products

| Published on December 1, 2019

During the festive season many E-commerce companies, agencies, and retailers use a variety of marketing secrets to attract more and more customers and increase their sales.

No matter how hard you try, these companies will always find ways to lure you into buying their goods/services.

Brands have started taking their marketing strategies pretty seriously. Nowadays, brands & marketing agencies have started approaching neuro-scientists for this work. These neuro-scientists explore what is going on in the mind of a consumer who comes to buy, through which he decides to buy a product.

Consumer’s Fear Is Company’s Biggest Gain

According to Catherine Francine, director of Neuro studies of Longwood University, USA, the main motivator of a consumer’s decision to purchase is his fear of missing out. She also says that some consumers often buy products they do not need by getting caught in the fraud of companies. Product manufacturer companies use consumer fear well for this.

Marketing Secrets for ecommerce website

Catherine says that consumers are afraid that they will leave a good deal. Generally, the pre-frontal cortex of our brain regulates our emotional response to things and prevents irrational functioning by calming fear.

But the advertiser distracts our pre-frontal cortex. He gives us various offers and explains how you can save your money by buying this thing. With this, you can buy anything else from the remaining money. However, in reality, you do not need it.

Holiday Season Is Everything

According to a study, the holiday seasons are very important for these companies & advertisers. The reason that consumers these days remember the old events of their lives, which mainly have an emotional impact on their minds.

Marketing Secrets

Consumers feel happy by buying things related to these memories. Companies use the same in their advertisements and try to convert this feeling into shopping.

Social Obligations Play An Important role

Catherine says that social influence also plays an important role in our buying decision process. We all feel the need and obligation to present gifts to our loved ones. And for the gift to be the best is all that the consumer desires.

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