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Marketing Level: Photographer Goes Viral For Selling Customised Masks With Faces

| Published on May 26, 2020

With coronavirus pandemic heading towards its peak, the government has been issuing various guidelines for people to make sure they are protected. While social distancing and washing hands frequently are crucial, wearing a mask has also become mandatory rather than just a precautionary measure against the spread.

There have been many new entrants in the field of these new business opportunities lately. Many non-medical goods manufacturers have shifted to producing PPE products to sanitizers. As for the face mask, many big fashion brands have launched their new range of masks that can even be bought matching to your outfit.

Seeing that the new normal will be wearing masks at all times, the business prospect has boomed immensely in just a couple of months. But because masks cover up your face up to your nose, identifying oneself or a known in the market and from the crowd could become a challenge.

To sought this out, a digital photographer in Etumanoor in Kottayam, Kerala, Binesh G Paul has developed a unique mask to overcome the identity crisis. After wearing it others can identify you quickly. In the new innovative masks, the covered portion will be superimposed on the mask as it is.

Now, photo masks set to become coveted property | face mask| photo ...

As reported by Hindustan Times, Binesh said that he came across different masks carrying pictures of Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Dora, Chotta Bheem, teddy bears, film actors, and animals but did not come across a mask carrying one’s own photo. He said this forced him to sit up and think.

While talking about the importance behind his printed masks, Binesh said, “In ATMs, while checking in airports, examination halls and other occasions masks often create problems. The new mask can overcome this. Like our PM Modi said we have to convert each crisis into an opportunity.”

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