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Marketing Lessons To Learn From Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’

| Published on April 21, 2020

Netflix’s hit Spanish show ‘Money Heist‘ just unveiled its 4th season this month. So far we are totally in love with the Professor’s heists and our favourite robbers, and we also regret the loss of a few of them as well (*SPOILER ALERT*). This show is not just about the narrative or the thrill. It has much more to offer and we believe you can derive some great marketing lessons from it which you can implement for your brand, company or business.

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Focus on Skill Development

You need to understand what your skills are. Although everyone in your team can do everything, certain individuals have specific skills to offer that they excel at. Recognise your own skills and help your team understand theirs. Skill development takes a brand a long way.

It’s Not Just About The Money

Your brand or company should have a greater goal than just earning money. In this show, all characters had different reasons to do the heist and a set of separate reasons to use the money. Identify your objectives to help redefine your brand in that direction.

Branding Is Key For Any Company

Do you realise how the public was on their side throughout seasons 3 and 4? The Professor knew he had to gain their support in order to go ahead with his second heist. His branding skills are on point throughout the show, and yours should be too. Branding goes hand in hand with a company’s recognition.

Create Fruitful Collaborations With Other Brands and Influencers

None of the heists could have been cleverly pulled off by the Professor alone. From the start of season 1, episode 1, he sought out independent gang members with typical skills to help him out at every step. Your brand is nothing without a little help from creators in different fields. Connect. Interact. Spread the Love.

Always Have A Branding Strategy

Nothing can proceed without a plan. You need to have a strategy planned way ahead of implementation in order to find success. As the Professor planned his heists meticulously, educating everyone in the gang and explaining them how to cope with hurdles at every step, you need to do the same with your brand in order to build an image.

Got any other marketing lessons from this show? Share your thoughts with us today.

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