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Manforce Makes Fun Of Arnab Goswami’s Sunny Leone Goof On National TV

| Published on May 23, 2019

The 2019 election result day was one of the most awaiting events of the year as India is the center of attraction right now in the whole world. The results came out as expected, making BJP once again the ruling party of the nation for the upcoming 5 years. What came unexpectedly was Arnab Goswami trending on Twitter with a mistake he would like to forget right away.

What happened is that the director of the TV channel Republic TV mistakenly said Sunny Deol as Sunny Leone. Well, as it happens regularly, online users picked up Arnab’s mistake instantly and started trolling him for it.

Arnab said, “Sunny Leone…sorry Sunny Deol is leading from Gurdaspur.”

You can watch the video below:

Below are some Twitter reactions:





Even Sunny Leone trolled Arnab for his statement. She wrote, “Leading by How many votes ???? 😉 😜”

Well, this news went viral all across the nation and how can brands lose this opportunity to get the attention of viewers. Making the most of this situation, condom brand Manforce posted an image that read “Dear Arnab, we understand, she is always on our mind as well” with a hashtag #TheNationKnows

Here’s the tweet:

We don’t know what makes condom brand so smart when it comes to moment marketing. Both Durex and Manforce have made a great fanbase using such posts and it seems like the audience is enjoying too.

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Let us know your thoughts on such marketing strategies.

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