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Man Wanted Refund On Pixel 3, Got 10 Pixel 3 Phones Worth Rs 7 Lakh From Google

| Published on April 21, 2019

Online shopping has very popular in last few years and a big credit for this goes to the discounts that these online portals offer. Along with having so many benefits, there are some cons to e-commerce, one of the major cause of the issue is receiving fake and defective products.

Pixel 3

Facing something similar, a person wanted the refund of his defective Pixel 3 smartphone. What he got in response is something one can’t even imagine in dreams. Read the complete story below:

A guy returned his defective Pixel 3 and was waiting for the refund of around Rs 62,451 ($900) but he received a refund of only Rs 5,551 ($80) which was a tax on the defective piece. He then ordered a new Pixel 3 of pink color but the dealer mistakenly sent him 10 Pixel 3 smartphones worth Rs 7 lakh ($10,000) and none of them was pink. Yes, you read that right.

The customer got tired and frustrated waiting for the refund. After receiving 10 Pixel 3 phones, he got annoyed and took to Reddit to share his story.

The story got so popular that it has been covered by some big technology portals such as Android Police and others. A Google customer care executive got in touch with him within 24 hours of posting his story and processed the refund which he has already received.

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Being a famous brand like Google, it makes us say that even big firms make small mistakes! Have you ever faced any such issue? Do let us know in the comments section

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