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Man Took A Loan From Wife & Built A Million-Dollar Company

| Published on December 31, 2019

This story of a man who built a million-dollar company from a loan he took from his wife is really unbelievable. He borrowed Rs.50,000 to begin a business by renting a garage to fix automobiles-problems.

Neeraj Gupta is a founder of Meru Cabs and belongs from a business background. He worked in a textile company for a while and then spent a lot of time at home whereas his wife has been an employee of Jet Airways.
meru cabs

From Nothing To A Million-Dollar Company!

“My wife got a job just after her graduation and I spent all my time just picking and dropping her from/at the airport”, said Neeraj Gupta.

After 5 years, he got an idea and opened a garage in Andheri, took help from wife by taking a loan of Rs.50,000 and investing it all in the setup which mostly took care of fixing problems and issues in automobiles. In just a short span of time, he managed to have Blue Dart and Sony as his clients.

With time, he decided to open a bus service for corporate employees and had a contract with TATA Group and provided their 5 offices the shuttle service. For this, he took a loan of Rs.14 lakh. After 6 years, Meru Cabs came into existence.
meru cabs

Meru Cab

While Meru Cabs were hitting the road, the earning became very difficult for radio cabs that ran on meter basis. On the other side, there was Neeraj and his dedicated spirit towards his idea.

Just in a few months, the India value fund became the first company to invest in Meru Cabs. Today, 9,000 cars run under Meru Cabs in 6 cities which are making average trips of 30,000 per day. Meru Cabs’ yearly turnover is around Rs. 800 crores.

Neeraj Gupta proved that if the dedication is strong enough, anything is possible!

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