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Man Scammed Of Rs 4 Lakh Trying To Cancel Online Food

| Published on November 16, 2019

Recently, a Lucknow man became victim to yet another online scam. As per reports, a man was trying to cancel his online ordered food via a toll-free number when he was robbed of Rs 4 Lakhs.

This incidence took place last week when a man wished to cancel the food that he has ordered online. When he was unable to find any customer care number online he searched for a toll-free number online.

Little did he knew that this would cost him a whopping Rs 4 Lakhs.

How it all happened?

The toll-free number he called turned out to be of scammers and in a few minutes of conversation the scammer convinced him to share his bank account details. He was told that the details were to process the refund.

The fraudsters on the other end asked this person to download an app, and then open his bank account on the mobile. He was also asked to enter the bank account details in this app that he installed.

After some time, he received an OTP and was asked to share it. Once the OTP was shared, Rs 4 lakh was withdrawn from his bank account.

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Legal action on the matter.

The incidence was filed with the local police by the victim. According to the police, the scammers had asked the victim to download an app that enabled remote sharing of his mobile screen.

And when he shared the bank account details and later OTP with the fraudsters, in a matter of only a few minutes Rs. 4 lakhs were withdrawn from the victim’s bank account.

Station Incharge of that area has confirmed that investigations are on, and the criminals would be nabbed.

Online scamming has increased a lot and people need to be much more vigilant against them. With so many awareness programs started by the banks, people need to educate themselves and never share their confidential details with anyone.

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