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Man Says Swiggy 25-50% Costlier Than Restaurant Prices, Swiggy Responds

| Published on January 21, 2020

We all order frequently from Swiggy, especially those of us who live away from home. There is no doubt Swiggy proffers the best and the fastest food delivery service in India and has hooked people in a very short period of time.

Recently, it has been observed that the price of ‘Swiggy-Super’ has been elevated by the food application. Swiggy-Super is basically a subscription that obstructs you from paying the extra delivery fee on every order (applicable only if the order payment exceeds Rs.100).
swiggy prices

Escalating Questions On Swiggy Increased Prices!

Not just the subscription plan, increased prices have also been spotted on the Swiggy app when compared to the actual restaurant menu. A person named Raju JVA from Bangalore replied to a tweet where he mentioned the scenario of “big discounts coming down” and how he believed that the homemade food will always be a win, at the end.

Swiggy replied to the tweet explaining the matter and said that they are constantly working on the betterment of their services.

The twitter user did not stop just there. He tweeted again mentioning how Swiggy’s menus have higher prices and he is carrying a proof of that.

We cannot deny the fact that Swiggy is a very easy platform to order food from. Most of the complications with the orders are solved instantly such as refund or considerable complaints.

Where start-ups take time to grow, Swiggy flourished in a lesser period of time and made lazy Sundays better. Because you ain’t gotta step out, homie!

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