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Man Requested INOX To Avoid Using Plastic Bags. INOX’s Quick Response Is Winning Hearts

| Published on May 16, 2019

One thing that makes us are equal is nature as it never discriminates anyone based on the money, religion, color, age or anything. It is our duty to protect the mother earth from the imbalance humans have created in the race of making industries and making money.

Today, why we are talking about this is that we often tend to feel that our small steps aren’t enough to make a change. But, this story of a man named Prakhar Sahay will change your views if you feel small steps aren’t important.

Prakhar recently went to watch the most anticipated movie of this year- ‘Avengers: Endgame’ with his friends at District Centre, New Delhi INOX. They decided to watch the movie in 3D and when Prakhar was handed over with the 3D glasses he saw that plastic bags were used in packing the 3D glasses. After asking the staff, he came to know that this is something which is done all across the country.

Being an aware citizen and nature lover, he started wondering how plastic production can be stopped as gallons of plastics are being generated for each show across India. He took the initiative quickly and clicked some pictures of the 3D glasses in plastic bags available in Inox. Later, he tweeted on Monday about this and asked the Inox authority to take immediate action by replacing the plastic bags with jute or cloth bags which will be recyclable.

All he wanted was to stop the pollution this plastic does. What’s amazing is that on Wednesday, Prakhar received a call from the Inox Management team stating that they’ll be replacing the plastic bags for the 3D glasses in next two weeks across India.

Inox India has taken this initiative as their top priority and soon Inox India will be having the eco-friendly bags for their 3D glasses.

Prakhar even shared this whole story on his Facebook wall inspiring others to do something meaningful like him.

Well, let’s take a moment to appreciate the man who took the initiative to have a plastic-free India. Let’s take the initiative to make India plastic free.

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