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Man Places An Order Of Rs 1.86 Lakhs At McDonald’s Leaving Staff Shocked

| Published on August 9, 2021

Easting at a fast-food chain has become more of a lifestyle than a luxury that it once was when it was introduced. In western countries, people have been living off the fast-food diet all their lives.

In fact, places like McDonald’s, Subway, Domino’s, etc have been earning billions every year with the level of brand placement they do to ensure that their loyal customers keep visiting.

When the pandemic hit, many people were affected by the lockdown. With the fast food places shut down, not only were the people disappointed, these businesses suffered billions in the loss.

Now that the world is getting back to normal slowly but gradually, people are happy to enjoy their favorite meal at their favorite restaurants. For which they are willing to spend wholeheartedly.

This has encouraged businesses to come up with new addons in their menu and offers to attract more and more customers. Since the hospitality industry has been affected the most by the pandemic, people willing to spend on food have helped them to get back on their feet too.

However, a recent bill at a McDonald’s in Australia has left the world amazed for being shockingly extravagant.

A loyal customer placed an order of Rs 1.86 lakh that reportedly included 70 Angus Clubhouse burgers, 39 McFamily boxes, including 234 burgers, 39 McNuggets, and 69 large fries. Not only that, but the order also contained more than 100 cold drinks.

This was shared by one of the shocked employees who were there when the order was placed. The employee had posted a picture of the bill that amounted to $3400 on Facebook which soon went viral.

People started talking about how absurdly huge the order was. In fact, many wondered what it must have been like for the kitchen team to work on preparing the order in such a short time.

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