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Man Orders Online But Gets Parle-G In Place Of What He Bought

| Published on June 23, 2021

How often do you order stuff online? Usually, you would expect the items you ordered and if there was some discrepancy, you would definitely get it replaced or refund your money. Not in this man’s case who ordered for something else and received a packet of Parle-G instead.

Vikram Borgohain took to Facebook to share this incident. Check out the post below.

He was certainly amused but happy about his purchase. Although it wasn’t what he ordered, he was definitely not left disappointed. He had ideally placed an order for a remote-controlled car.

To add a cherry to the top, users quickly took notice and replied back with positive comments as well. While one user was satisfied that at least it wasn’t a brick, others were happy about the fact that Boroghain received one of the most popular biscuits to complement a cup of tea during chai-time.

Here are some of the replies,

One user also asked him if he had complained against the vendor.

Borgohain replied with the current status, informing everyone that he had asked for a refund and would get it soon.

India loves Parle-G. The brand has defined the spirit of middle-class Indians for decades altogether. It is cheap, easily available and really delicious. During the lockdown last year, the brand’s sale hiked.

Would you be impressed if you received a packet of Parle-G instead of what you actually ordered? Have you ever received hilarious instead of something else that you ordered from an e-commerce platform?

Let us know in the comments below.

Source: NDTV Food

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