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This Man Made Flip-Flops Out of Trump’s Tweets & They Sold Out In A Month

| Published on January 7, 2019

All Donald Trump haters or just the Politically Woke people would agree when I say that Donald Trump is the easiest target for meems and trolls. But this product is like the Holy Grail to all DJT troll.

Wait, really? Like Flip Flops?

Produced by Sam Morrison, a 27 year old photographer and artist based in Los Angeles, these are pairs of flip flops with contradictory tweets by Donald Trump, the United States President. According to Sam, Trump’s 40,000 tweets are enough to find a lot of contradictory statements made by the President. His aim is to highlight Donald Trump’s hypocrisy.

Morrison, who has been making his own thought-provoking art, had a full-time job in an Advertisement company at that time, made time on the side to work on his own project. He ordered a thousand pairs of flip-flops and designed them himself.

This is what right ideation can do

He bought all the raw materials himself and hand produced, packaged and delivered all of the stock completely alone. With $0 spent on marketing, he made his own website and soon the site went viral. The site was picked up by MSNBC, HuffPost, Fortune, and the BBC. And within a month, he was sold out.

Permanently SOLD OUT!

Morrison donated 10% of each pair bought to the ACLU. When asked why he stopped producing more, he simply replied that doing his full-time job and producing each pair himself with a heat press was too cumbersome. Due to complexities of production, Sam says that these flip Flops are permanently sold out.

With three different designs, based on three sets of contradictory tweets, Morrison made people from 47 different states lose their mind to get their hand on a pair. Here is what those look like.

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The Syria Eddition Trump Flip Flops

The Electoral College Flip Flops

And lastly, the “Sources” Flip Flops.

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