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Man Lists Himself As ‘Item for Sale’ After Wasting 10 Years On Dating Sites

| Published on October 4, 2020

Key Highlights:

  • After losing hope on dating apps, a 30 year old man lists himself ‘for sale’ for single women out there
  • Alan Clayton residing in Kettering resonates with a non-living object to see if this new method of finding women actually works in his favour

Do you believe in true love? If yes, have you met your significant other yet? While some of you out there might have found the love of your life already, others might not be lucky yet. Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble do not work in everyone’s favourite. After all, love takes a lot of dedication and compromise. That is why Alan Clayton from Kettering resorted to Facebook to find someone after giving hope on these dating sites.

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Alan starts his introduction by greeting all the single women out there. He describes the kind of woman he is looking for and also casually mentions how he’s given up on dating apps and online dating websites in general after facing a lot of rejections. What is the harm in trying right? He also listed himself under the ‘free’ and ‘good/used condition’ as if someone were to buy an appliance! This bizarre post might not have made him meet his woman yet, but it surely garnered a lot of responses.

Once this post went live, his inbox was flooded with a number of messages from many women supporting him and making him believe in hope and fate. He admits he has not found someone yet but is hopeful of getting there someday. Alan is a lorry driver by profession and has a background of not being with any woman since he was in school. His ideal woman is someone who is outspoken, witty and funny. Don’t we all want that?

Do you know anyone who would be interested in Alan?

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