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Man Increases Sales Using Crazy Idea Of Giving 1 KG Onions Free With Smartphones

| Published on December 9, 2019

The sky-touching price of onions has been bizarre news all over the country. In some places, it’s touching Rs.150 whereas, in other cities, it costs Rs.120.

But it seems as if not everyone is crying about it. Some people have used it as a perfect marketing strategy to sell more. Possible? Absolutely yes! Let’s get you enlightened with it.


1 KG Onions Free With Purchasing Of A Smartphone

In Tamil Nadu, the onions are worth Rs. 180/kg which is a very disturbing and bothering element for everyone. But this mobile shop owner has found an amazing way of selling smartphones with the help of this crisis going on.

‘STR Mobiles’ is located at Thalayari Street in Puttukottai is giving away 1KG onions free with the purchase of a smartphone, to the customers. To let people know, the shop owner had arranged a standee, on which the offer is clear and visible, outside the shop.

The shop owner, Saravana Kumar, has mentioned that he is doing crazy sales after applying this awesome marketing strategy to drive revenue and he is proud that no one but he came out with the idea.


The Offer

Sarvana Kumar is not just giving away onions like that but also a choice whether the customer wants big or small onions. Anyone who buys a phone from the shop will get 1KG of onions.

As the onions are very expensive, he is not making a lot of money. He opened the shop 8 years ago and sold an average of 2 cell phones a day but the offer being applied, he sold 8 in two days.

The conclusion is that one can always find a way if he really is desperate to. Never give up!

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