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Man Gets Lays Pack Full Of Chips & Not Air, Netizens Want Him To Try Luck In Lottery

| Published on September 2, 2020

Who would’ve thought that it was possible to get a bag, actually full of chips and not half full of air in a lays packet?

A lucky man, Don, bought himself a packet of lays thinking just this and received the surprise of his life when he opened the packet and found it entirely full of chips. Needless to say, his ‘Thankyou’ tweet to the employee who filled the bag has gone viral and left a lot many jealous for not being the chosen one.

A lot many people retweeted to show their wounded sentiments. Take a look!

The discussion blew up with people showing concern for the employee who has become a ‘Hero in Disguise’

A rife debate on the bag being more filled with air than chips, Lays has always faced slack for charging for air and not chips. With a lot of negativity revolving this issue, this tweet has created quite a stir and Lays a lot of attention.

An act of frustration or an honest mistake, if only 2020 turns out to end this well for all of us!

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