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Man Earns Rs. 2.9 Lakhs Per Month By Selling Feet Pictures Online!

| Published on August 30, 2020

We all want to earn a lot of money and try different means of doing so. A few people own businesses, are working for a good company or try to make extra bucks by doing multiple jobs on the side. This US man earns nearly Rs. 2.9 lakhs a month just by selling his feet pictures online! How is that possible?

Jason Storm, residing in Arizona, USA, sells his feet pictures online both for men and women. Apparently, foot fetish is a thing and also pays you well! He has currently turned this into a profession on his Instagram page which is dedicated to his feet pictures, for which he earns $4000 a month! Check this out.

Jason’s clientele includes individuals who have a feet fetish like him and he completely understands where they are coming from. In comparison to selling or sending nudes, feet pictures are apparently harmless. He believes that the little details he gives to his feet pictures make a big difference for his clientele, in comparison to other guys who just post pictures of themselves on Instagram.

Does Jason Have A Full Time Job?

Currently, this is the only source of income that Jason has. He used to work as an adult webcammer and now he can take care of all his household expenses without putting in the extra hours. Even though some people might be judging him on Instagram for his weird taste in what to post and what not to, he has received full acceptance from his near and dear ones. You have got to do something unique and different in order to earn the extra money, and why not?

What do you feel about this story? Do you have a foot fetish or know anyone who makes a lot of money per month through odd jobs? As the age of social media is relying upon different platforms and new gimmicks every day, starting a side job of being any kind of influencer will definitely help you earn a lot! Try it!

Source: News18

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