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Man Develops Computer Program To Help His ‘Indecisive’ Girlfriend Pick A Place To Eat

| Published on August 14, 2021

The things we do for love! While the saying goes way back and has a deeper meaning, it is as simple as it sounds. We do everything possible to ensure that the person we love the most gets everything.

While the pandemic has changed the way people used to express their love for one another, one thing is still the same. The age-old question of where to eat for the next date.

In a relationship, often the women are usually confused about where to eat, the men don’t give it any thought at all. This disagreement might usually end up with a tense atmosphere. Though this may not be the case in every relationship, it does happen with quite a few couples.

Many may cave into the tension and learn to live with the disagreement. However, there is one young man who decided to fight this through and find a unique solution to this problem.

Christine Sun, a 21-year old, who studies in New York and stays in Orange County, California, always struggled with making the decision of where to eat with her boyfriend Aagam Badecha.

Aagam Badecha, being a software engineer by profession, decided to develop a computer program that was designed to help his girlfriend in choosing the place to eat within seconds. Aagam worked dedicatedly on the software so that he could gift it to Christine on their anniversary.

The software has truly helped Christine Sun in deciding quicker from where she wants to order food online. She also stated that she loved the program created by her boyfriend Aagam. Earlier this week, she even used the same program for choosing a place to celebrate their anniversary.

Aagam used Yelp API (Application Programming Interface) for creating the program which displays the 50 best restaurants and pubs in the area depending on the type of cuisine the user wants to eat.

Aagam never intended on receiving monetary gains from this app but just wanted to help his girlfriend live a less complicated life. Things we do for love!

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