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Man Demanded Avoiding Plastic In His Office. See How Swiggy Responded To It

| Published on September 8, 2019

Taking care of environment is something that every one of us should keep in mind. In the race of fulfiling ur own needs, human has degraded the quality of life of other species due to overuse of substances like plastic in daily routine.

India is trying to minimize the use of plastics and many companies are helping in this cause. People have started replacing plastic bags with paper bags, cloth bags or jute bag.

What’s making us writ this article is that a man named Suraj Chokhani from Kolkata reached out to Swiggy for a query. Founder of Ability Games pvt ltd, Suraj, told about his actions for minimizing single-use of plastic in his office premises which is going to come into force from 2nd October.

After Suraj announced this rule, his employees faced issues after that they approached him with the question, that they frequently order from online food delivery app Swiggy and at times the restaurant packages the food item with plastic bags. So, what should they do from 2nd onwards?


Knowing this, Mr Chokhani instantly took to his twitter handle and asked Swiggy about this. “My office is Kolkata is planning to ban entry of single-use plastic inside office premises from 2nd October, can u specify on ur app which partner of urs deliver food in biodegradable containers so that I can order from there,” he wrote.

Getting to know about the matter, Swiggy answered Suraj and tweeted:

The tweet continued, As we scale this, we’re working with experts and our restaurant partners to make it happen, and will keep you posted on the progress.

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