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2 minutes read

Man Breaks His New Rs 21,000 Samsung Phone At Customer Care Center

| Published on February 17, 2019

Marketing is not only about attracting the target audience to buy a specific product or service, but it is also about making sure that the customer comes back again to buy another product. This is done by providing quality customer service after selling a product.

Indian smartphone market has become very competitive and brands are trying every possible thing to win the heart f customers. On the other hand, regularly we hear cases about companies not paying attention to customer service and face criticism for that. Something similar happened recently when a Samsung A7 customer did something that was totally unexpected from him.

A video has been getting viral showing a man breaking his newly bought Samsung phone worth Rs 21000 after getting fed up from a customer care center.

According to the man, there was some problem with his handset and he was promised a replacement or refund within 7 days by the customer care. Nevertheless, even after 15 days, the customer didn’t get what he was promised. This made him so angry that he broke his handset in the customer care office. You can watch the video below and let us know what you feel about the whole incident. Have a look:

Working at the customer care center can be horrific sometimes. But, he isn’t the only one facing such issues. Companies should look into such matters seriously as it causes a big impact on the brand’s image in the market and today’s customer is aware of the fact that only price and features aren’t the only things to look for while buying a new smartphone.

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