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Man Asks Swiggy, “Will You Deliver Food To The Space?” Swiggy Gave An Epic Reply

| Published on January 9, 2020

Social Media has become a great medium for brands to connect with people directly. The way brands use social media marketing has changed a lot in the past few years as public these days don’t like to see promotional stuff. To solve this, brands have become superactive on Twitter and try to engage audience with funny yet meaningful replies.

We all know that the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is getting ready for its next mission Gaganyaan which is related to sending 3 astronauts in the space for a period of 7 days. Food being one of the important concerns of the authorities for this mission has been the topic of talk on social media.

Also, Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Mysore has recently shared a menu of food items that they have developed for the astronauts for this mission.

As you can see, the menu includes veg pulao, veg roll, egg roll, idli, upma, and sambhar. Also, the laboratory will be providing food heaters, cutlery and disposable bags along with special anti-gravity liquid containers which will enable the astronauts to drink water and juices.


Getting to know this, Twitterati got into action started sharing funny responses about this menu. One of them decided to ask the food delivery app Swiggy if they can deliver over there.

To this, Swiggy replied in its own classy and humorous way.

Netizens loved the way Swiggy handles the situation. Some of them praised the food delivery giant of the presence of mind of its social media team.





This, once again shows how brands can make the most of social media by being active. Such strategies help in reaching thousands of online users without spending anything.

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