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Man Accidentally Buys 28 Tesla Model 3 Cars Worth Rs 11.9 Crore Online

| Published on July 1, 2020

Online shopping has always had its ups and downs. But what recently happened with one online shopper has become the talk of the town.

A German man accidentally bought 28 Tesla Model 3 vehicles online amounting to €1.4 million (Rs 11.9 crore) due to a technical glitch on the company’s official website.

The news is making headlines after a post at the online discussion forum Reddit by the user ‘Baloon Man’ went viral. He wrote about how he and his father had accidentally placed an order for 27 more Model 3s instead of just one.

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The user further shared that the family placed an order for a new Model 3 equipped with Autopilot, but were facing some error with the Tesla website.

After selecting the model and filling in the payment details when the user clicked on ”submit” to confirm the order, the website responded with an error stating that the order could not be placed due to a payment issue. The family was surprised as they could not understand what could be wrong with the payment details.

The father of the user also tried to give it a go an pressed on ‘confirm booking’ only to have the error repeat again. The family tried for almost two hours to make that order for their desired Tesla car but were unable to do so.

Eventually, after repeated attempts, the website prompted ”Confirmed”. But to their surprise, the confirmation page said that the order for all 28 Model 3 cars was confirmed which brought the total billing amount to 1.4 million Euros. To add to the shock, each car had a non-refundable charge of 100 Euro, which summed up to 2,800 Euros.

But when the family had a talk with the Tesla executive, they understood the whole situation and canceled the entire order without any charges. They were simply asked to place a fresh order.

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