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Mallika Dua Advocates Wedding Between Equals With Tata Capital #WedEqual Campaign

| Published on January 4, 2019

More and more brands have started spreading social messages through their ad campaigns and position their product in alignment with the larger cause. Just recently, Tata Capital is seen advocating the weddings of equal in their new ad campaign. Manyawar also brought in a similar type of ad some time ago which highlighted the division of expenses between the bride side and groom side. This time around Tata Capital highlights the same issue but with a more humorous angle. The social media campaign titled #WedEqual, stars stand-up comedian Mallika Dua, and in the video, she is the one who addresses the task of figuring out wedding expenses, and in particular, who are footing the bill.

Brand Speak

Tata Capital has very wisely and yet subtly plugged in their product ‘wedding loans’ into the ad campaign. Speaking about the product category and the need of it, Abonty Banerjee, chief marketing and digital officer, Tata Capital said, “Personal Loans are the loan-of-choice for lifestyle-oriented expenditure like travel and weddings and we seized this opportunity with the Wedding Loan product,”

“Wedding expenses as a category is expected to grow at 25 to 30 percent a year with Young India aspiring to only the very best for their wedding,” Banerjee added. Considering the potential, the brand sees Wedding Loans as a category with huge opportunities.

Ad Essence

Though the ad campaign clearly and very simply points out the issue of dividing the wedding expenses equally and at-large resonates with the gender equality, its still left to be seen if people will find this humor angle relevant to the subject. In our society, such issues are considered extremely sensitive and usually brands also address them with a more emotional and serious approach.

But since the campaign is directed towards the social media audience, which is largely the youth, it is expected to get a great response from them. Tongue in cheek kind of comedy is something that the youngsters easily relate to and this will garner support for the brand. Most definitely the product of ‘wedding loans’ also might attract more youngsters rather than the parent category as today both the bride and groom play a very integral role in sharing the wedding expenses with their respective parents.

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