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Make Your WFH Interesting By Using This Starbucks Themed Backdrop

| Published on June 20, 2020

Bored of attending the regular Zoom meetings? Make it a tad bit interesting by downloading this new backdrop by TATA Starbucks. The company has launched 7 backdrops that give the user a visual feel of a Starbucks outlet from its interiors, so you can enjoy your morning cuppa with the same ambience and vigour.

What makes it interesting is the fact that this backdrop can be used for multiple purposes including video calls with friends and family and you could also confuse them for a while, and they’d probably believe that the Starbucks near your place has finally reopened!

The head of marketing and PR at TATA Starbucks stated that this virtual setup gives a real-time feel since it replicates the workoholic atmosphere of a typical Starbucks in the morning, and thus, makes it ideal for consumers to engage with the Zoom application in more creative ways. Before Starbucks, even Zomata issued some backdrops to make video calls a little more fun!

Which backdrop is your favourite?

Source: Afaqs

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