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Mahindra Truck And Bus Latest Campaign Shows How Its Diwali Every Day For Its Customers

| Published on October 27, 2019

Diwali is a festival we all eagerly wait for every year. The feel of festivity that Diwali brings is beautiful and worth waiting for surely. The gifts, the food, the lights & above all the wishes from our loved ones make this day so much more memorable.

This one day means so much to us that some people save an entire year just so they can give special gifts to their family and friends.

This Diwali season, brands have flooded social media with their inspiring range of ads. But Mahindra Truck and Bus has launched a campaign which has given a new perspective about Diwali celebration.

As a part of this campaign, Mahindra Truck and Bus has launched a video that depicts how it is Diwali for its customers every day. The ad film shows a beautiful relationship between a husband and wife and how they celebrate Diwali. Husband comes home with more & more gifts every year showing how his business is prospering all thanks to Mahindra Blazo X. You can watch the video below:

Indian transporters work very hard to make ends meet. Mahindra Truck and Bus, however, has always worked towards making the work of transporters easier by making vehicles with extra loading space offering high mileage.

Talking about Mahindra Blazo, it has delivered on its mileage guarantee in every way and the best thing was that not a single truck was returned. The latest model BLAZO X is said to give more mileage than the BLAZO itself which has received a lot of love from the consumers after its launch.

Summarising the campaign for you, Mahindra Truck And Bus has perfectly showcased how its vehicles tend to keep up to there promise. Since its customers are able to earn more & save even more, it surely is Diwali for them every day. BLAZO X is probably the best Diwali gift the company can give to its loyal customers.

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